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Clinical History

A woman of 34 developed numbness on the right side of the face, tongue and teeth which was followed a week later by diplopia and tingling and weakness in the left lung. Subsequently, she developed tinnitus, slight deafness, right facial paresis, dysarthria and headache. Clinical examination revealed nystagmus, loss of right corneal reflex and paresis of the right fourth and sixth cranial nerves. The patient died 4 hours after an air encephalogram.


The brain has been mounted to display the inferior surface which shows lobulated tumour 4 cm in diameter in the right cerebello-pontine angle. The tumour is encapsulated and displaces the brain stem to the left. The back of the specimen shows some dilatation of the ventricular system. This is an example of an acoustic neurilemmoma (Schwannoma) which at necropsy was projecting into the internal auditory meatus.