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Clinical History

A man aged 38 presented with a lump in the right buttock, present for 20 years and enlarging over the previous 3 years. A soft lobulated mass was removed from the region of the right ischio-rectal fossa. Post-operative recovery was satisfactory.


The specimen is a lobulated tumour 9 x 6 cm. in diameter which has been bisected and mounted to show the cut and external surfaces. The cut surface is deep yellow in colour and is composed of lobules varying in size from 5 mm to 5 cm in diameter. A thin capsule containing blood vessels is visible inferiorly. The small white patches on the cut surface are foci of necrosis. Histologically, this was an encapsulated tumour composed of mature adipose tissue, i.e. a lipoma.


A lipoma is a common benign connective tissue tumour which frequently occurs in subcutaneous tissue.