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Clinical History

A woman aged 29 gave a history of tiredness for 2 years and offensive vaginal discharge and bleeding after intercourse during the previous 2 months. She had lost 12 kg. in weight in 12 months. Examination revealed a large hard cervix and thickening of the right parametrial tissues. A Wertheim hysterectomy was followed by satisfactory post-operative recovery.


The uterus has been sliced sagittally and mounted to display the cut surface. Arising from the anterior lip of the cervix there is a pale tumour mass 40 x 25 mm. in diameter which extends upwards into the region of the isthmus and internal os and anteriorly beyond the cervix into adjacent connective tissue. The endocervical canal is considerably distorted by the bulging tumour. Histologically this was a squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix.