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Clinical History

This 48 year old man was admitted with a story of vague ill-health commencing 2 years previously. Lassitude became worse and was associated with cough. Six months prior to admission cervical lymph node enlargement was noticed. Three months after this the spleen and axillary nodes were also enlarged. Three weeks prior to admission there was marked pallor, dyspnoea and angina at rest and 2 weeks after this the patient became icteric. He was admitted and a splenectomy was performed, as splenomegaly was thought to be a factor in the production of his anaemia. He developed congestive cardiac failure post-operatively and died suddenly. An autopsy revealed that the underlying cause of death was malignant lymphoma. This lung lesion was an incidental finding.


The portion of lung is sliced to display a circumscribed pale lesion 1.5 cm in diameter. The lesion contains scattered white areas. Histologically there was a disorderly arrangement of bronchial elements - irregular clefts lined by bronchial mucosa, myxoid connective tissue and cartilage. This is a adenochondroma of the lung.


Adenochondroma of lung is a benign hamartomatous lesion. An hamartoma is a tumour-like developmental anomaly consisting of a disorderly arrangement of tissue types normally present in the affected organ.