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Clinical History

This 14 year old girl presented with a 12 month history of recurrent haemoptysis. She was admitted with anaemia, high fever and consolidation of the right middle and lower lobes. Her condition improved with antibiotic therapy. At bronchoscopy the right middle and lower lobe bronchi were blocked by a fleshy mass of tissue. At thoractomy the right middle and lower lobes were resected. Post-operative recovery was satisfactory.


The specimen is a portion of lung tissue sliced to display the cut surface. The lung tissue has collapsed and is airless. The bronchi are dilated and there are collections of yellowish-brown necrotic material within their lumina. A large bronchus is expanded and occluded by a roughly ovoid tumour 2 cm in diameter, the cut surface of which shows some areas of haemorrhage. The visceral layer of pleura is markedly thickened (up to 0.5 cm) due to fibrosis. Haemorrhagic adhesions are present. This is an example of pulmonary collapse and secondary bronchiectasis due to a bronchial carcinoid tumour.