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Clinical History

This 33 year old female was initially referred for investigation of virilization diagnosed after giving birth to a child with ambiguous genitalia. She had noticed an increase in facial hair over the preceding 6 years. Subsequent investigations revealed that the patient had increased levels of serum androgens and CT scans showed a mass at the upper pole of the right kidney. Selective right adrenal angiography revealed an adrenal mass.


The specimen consists of an ovoid smooth surfaced mass 8 cm. in maximum diameter and partly surrounded by a rim of adrenal cortex. The cut surface of the lesion has a homogeneous brown appearance with focal areas of haemorrhage. On histological examination, the tumour was surrounded by a thin fibrous capsule enclosing nests and sheets of regular cuboidal cells separated a delicate vascular stroma. There was no evidence of local invasion or metastasis. The diagnosis is benign functional adrenal cortical adenoma (androgen secreting).