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Clinical History

This 74 year old woman complained of a lump in the neck which had been present for two years, but which had grown larger over the previous 9 months. (The lump was first noticed when she was in hospital for a cholecystectomy 2 years previously). There had also been some hoarseness of the voice and a sore throat over the previous six months. Examination revealed systemic hypertension, inflamed tonsils and cervical lymphadenopathy, more marked on the right. There were no other significant findings. The largest lymph node was removed for examination.


The specimen is a bisected, enlarged lymph node 3 cm. in maximum diameter. The normal architecture has been replaced by a nodular pattern composed of pale brown tissue resembling thyroid tissue. At the hilum, the lymph node consists of white, homogeneous tissue. The capsule of the lymph node appears to be intact although it is thickened and slightly haemorrhagic. Histological examination showed that the mass consisted of thyroid tissue forming follicles containing colloid. This is an example of well-differentiated metastatic thyroid carcinoma in a cervical lymph node.